How To Install Microsoft Windows 11 On VirtualBox [2022]

In this tutorial post, we are going to show you the step-by-step guide to installing Microsoft Windows 11 on VirtualBox 6.1. This is a very simple and easy way to…

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facebook on ubuntu

How to Use Facebook on Ubuntu

This article is about tips for using Facebook features on your computer under Ubuntu. Ubuntu provides several software packages making the use of customizable Facebook (do apt-cache search facebookto convince…

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How to Install Shotwell Photo Manager

Shotwell Shotwell is the default photo manager for Ubuntu. Its easy handling is adapted not to put off users preferring simplicity. Designed for GNOME language Vala and available under GNU / Linux…

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How to create a plex media server with Amazon Unlimited storage

This tutorial describes the steps needed to create a remote (or local) Plex media server, along with unlimited Amazon cloud storage while encrypting file integrity. Prerequisites Have the administrative rights…

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How to show Hidden Files and Folders in Ubuntu

Introduction The hidden elements are elements that are not visible by default when the user views the contents of a folder. This ability to hide items to protect files from…

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Ubuntu Sudo: How to Perform administrative tasks

Every computer needs a system administrator. This person is responsible for the initial configuration and maintenance of your equipment and your Ubuntu operating system: creating user accounts, installing programs, configuration…

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create iso from dvd

How to Create ISO from DVD in Ubuntu

To create ISO from DVD in in order to make a backup of the original films or content of the DVD, you can either use Brasero or K3B or a custom script…

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How to Install fonts on Ubuntu (Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts and Microsoft Fonts)

One of the most frustrating challenges new users of Ubuntu may encounter is installing fonts on their newly found operating system. Fonts enable us to interact well with out PC…

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How to install samsung printer for ubuntu

How to Install a Samsung Printer on Ubuntu

Installation of deposit Prerequisites Have the administrative rights . Have a configured and enabled Internet connection. Installation Change your sources of updates to include the deposit following: deb debian extra…

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install- f-spot-ubuntu

How to Install F-Spot Picture Manager for Ubuntu

F-Spot The project is dead F-Spot was removed from deposits official since Ubuntu 16.04. See this report bug . F-Spot is a manager of personal photos, single-user (we must take…

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