How to Watch Netflix on Ubuntu with Pipelight

A few years back, it watching Netflix on Linux required tweaking your system, installing extra libraries, switching user agents in the web browser.

The good news is that Netflix is now completely supported on Linux. You don’t need to do any extra efforts to watch Netflix on Linux anymore. Well, mostly.

How to watch Netflix on Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution

How to watch netflix on Ubuntu 14.04

Did I say Netflix is now completely supported on Linux? That’s only part true. Watching Netflix also depend on the choice of your web browser.

If you want to watch Netflix without any effort, simply use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the one browser that supports Netflix without any additional requirement.

You install Google Chrome on Ubuntu or whichever Linux you are using, log into Netflix and start watching our favorite movie or web series. It’s been possible because Netflix now uses HTML5 playback by default.

Use Netflix in Ubuntu Linux
Netflix running in Google Chrome on Ubuntu

What about watching Netflix on other web browsers?

You can watch Netflix on Linux using Mozilla Firefox as well. You’ll have to enable DRM content because Firefox doesn’t support it by default.

Other Google Chrome based web browsers should also support Netflix.

But watching Netflix on Chromium browser is altogether a different ball game. Chances are that despite your efforts, you might not able to run Netflix on Chromium.

Watching Netflix on older versions like Ubuntu 14.04

Running Netflix on Ubuntu 14.04 is the same. At best, make sure that you have libnss3 installed.

sudo apt install libnss3 libnss3-1d libnss3-nssdb
Cannot find libnss3 in Ubuntu 14.04?



Restart your system once you are done with these commands. You should also make sure that Netflix is using HTML5 playback. Expand the next section to learn how to enable HTML5 playback in Netflix.

Enable HTML5 playback in Netflix

That’s it. With nss3 and HTML5 playback, you should be able to see Netflix on Ubuntu 14.04 and other older versions.

Is there a Netflix desktop app for Ubuntu?

There used to be an unofficial Netflix desktop app for Ubuntu. This app ran Wine in the background so not really a native Linux desktop app.

install Netflix in Ubuntu 14.04
Netflix desktop app (discontinued)

This application has been discontinued and there is no other desktop app for Netflix anymore. The only way to watch Netflix on Linux is through the web browser.

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