facebook on ubuntu

How to Use Facebook on Ubuntu

This article is about tips for using Facebook features on your computer under Ubuntu. Ubuntu provides several software packages making the use of customizable Facebook (do apt-cache search facebookto convince…

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How to Install Shotwell Photo Manager

Shotwell Shotwell is the default photo manager for Ubuntu. Its easy handling is adapted not to put off users preferring simplicity. Designed for GNOME language Vala and available under GNU / Linux…

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How to Install fonts on Ubuntu (Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts and Microsoft Fonts)

One of the most frustrating challenges new users of Ubuntu may encounter is installing fonts on their newly found operating system. Fonts enable us to interact well with out PC…

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install- f-spot-ubuntu

How to Install F-Spot Picture Manager for Ubuntu

F-Spot The project is dead F-Spot was removed from deposits official since Ubuntu 16.04. See this report bug . F-Spot is a manager of personal photos, single-user (we must take…

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ubuntu opt-offline

How to add packages or update Ubuntu apt-offline

This tutorial is intended for all those who have installed Ubuntu on a computer that has no Internet connection, but who would like nevertheless maintain their system up to date…

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Pendrive Linux Universal USB installer

Download Pendrive Linux Universal USB Installer Tool

Universal USB Installer aka UUI is a Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash Drive. The UniversalUSB…

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Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 15.10

How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 15.10 for 32bit and 64bit

How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 15.10 for 32bit and 64bit – If you have just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 15.10 on your PC. The next thing that comes…

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download ubuntu

Download Ubuntu Desktop and Server – Direct Links for All Versions (Updated)

Ubuntu operating system is distributed for free and is free to download. The latest version of Ubuntu will always be downloaded from the official site. You already have a few…

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